Bountiful Siren

Age... 30
Height...5ft 2in
Bra size....44C

I gave Bountiful a chance to write out her very own bio and here's what she had to say:

I love sex! I really like to have lots of foreplay....kissing, touching, caressing, rubbing, stroking, licking, sucking, but especially kissing....long and deep and lusty is how I like it! And ooh! I love to be kissed all over my body, too. I also enjoy giving pleasure. I find it very erotic to please my partner. There's nothing like seeing the look on his face or the way his body reacts as he's cumming...hehehe! I like giving and receiving oral, too. And when it comes to sex...sometimes I reaaally like it rough (yeah! pull my hair and smack my ass! LOL) but slow and easy and just about anything in between is good too. Doggystyle and missionary are definitely my favorites. Not terribly kinky, but those seem to work the best for hitting my sweet spots! Oh, lets not forget the are great!

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