Lady Pandora,
the Creole Queen

age:  38
bra size: bra-less baby!!!
height: 5'9" sexy Amazon bbw
weight: 300lbs.+

Lady Pandora the "Creole Queen" has a sexy, sassy look that was a pleasure to capture for the sake of showing off her sexy eyes, lips, and amazing shape.  Pandora is a taller bbw with long legs and a sexy long torso that draws her round belly across the larger area.  Pandora had a quick introduction to her own sexuality, as her "first time" was with her first husband, who was over 10"!  Her favorite position is doggy-style. She loves jazz, and partying on Bourbon St. During her interview she revealed that she fantasizes about being kidnapped by Indians, and she also confessed to having a real passion for sucking cock.  One can use their own imagination to suppliment the fantasy with her favorite acitivity!  She is creole, but will jump a "skinny white boy" in a heart-beat.  She is self proclaimed as a complete heterosexual woman, sorry, no bi stuff, this woman loves the dick too much!  When asked what kind of modeling "alias" she would prefer, the name Pandora came up because she described herself as "out da box".  Just looking at that sweet, round face, one would love to imagine allowing her to enjoy her favorite sexual activity of performing oral on one's own self! Those are some full sexy lips, and they have wrapped themselves around a few hard throbbing cocks I'm sure!


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