Foxy Fields

Age... 22
Size... 300lbs +
Height...5ft 7in
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Foxy Fields is one very sexy woman with seriously hot fantasies and one amazing, incredible body!  Foxy has already discovered the appeal of her curves and she knows how much of a turn on it is for guys to imagine touching the fine delicate soft flesh on every inch of her lucious body.  This curvy pear-shaped bbw is exhibitionistic and while she loves to show off, she also enjoys being in control.  Playing the dominant role is her favorite but Foxy let on that every once in a while she needs to feel vulnerable too.  She's shy at first but warms up quickly as she becomes more comfortable, and with the progression of these images one can tell how much she enjoyed having her lovely body photographed.  There is so much more to say about Foxy so be sure to check out the member's area for a more detailed bio!

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