Age:  48
Weight: 290
Height: 5'5" 
Bra Size: 48 C

This hot sexy plump bbw didn't realize just how popular the bbw preference was when she first contacted me.  She realized that she got a lot of attention when she wore tight, form-fitting clothes that show off her sexy round ass, but she rarely felt the confidence to wear such tight clothing.  After a few minutes during the very first photo shoot, her perfectly round ass came out from underneath those dark pants, and I was able to tell her just how amazing her sexy shape is to an admirer like myself!  This hot sexy woman looks much younger than she actually is, and she is used to that compliment.  When I started to tell her how amazing her upper arms, thighs, and round ass was, she started to express doubt about my opinion of her hot sexy body.  I had to chill out in telling her how amazing her look is because she might have gotten suspicious of me and wonder "what does he really want?".  Luckily, she gave me the chance to capture her hot sexy look with my camera, allowing me the pleasure and privilege of seeing her body for the first time myself.  I could not contain my reaction because I was aroused from the moment her top came off and I got a good look at those full upper arms.  When the pants came off a little later, I was in awe of that amazing, perfectly round ass!  She was wearing some really sexy panties that show off the amazing curves, and she has a crystal clear complexion too.  It might take a while for this hot sexy woman to really believe in the power of her look, but I will not pass up a chance to assure her and capture her hot sexy look at the same time!

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