Age:  35
Weight: 280
Height: 5'5" 
Bra Size: 50 DD

This hot sexy hour-glass shaped bbw loves to take pics, but it wasn't always that way!  We are all very fortunate that her loving partner encouraged her to show off and be proud of the soft sexy body that she has and after several years she has warmed up to showing it off in photos.  This hot sexy woman is a member of a few local swinger groups on yahoo, and she is encouraged to pursue her fantasies by her partner instead of being held back.  While this sexy bbw's shape was a very pleasant surprise upon meeting with her, it's a pleasure to capture her sexy look as she warms up to the camera and starts to have fun with the pics, smiling and even getting excited as the camera captures angles from all directions.  Dove has a very sexy imagination too, and one of her favorite fantasies are revealed in the member's area.  While taking the photos, Candy was given the chance to have an in depth conversation with her about her interests, likes and dislikes, and favorite position and fantasy.  While some of that info is in the member's area, I will say that her favorite position is doggy style and it's easy to imagine being up behind such a sexy and succulent ass as this!  Member's can see full size images that make it possible to fantasize about being in Dove's most erotic fantasies.

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