age:  44
bra size:  52 DD
height: 5'6"
weight: 320lbs.
email address in member's area

I had the pleasure of meeting this woman one day by chance and while asking her if she was "online", she responded positively.  Once I asked her if she had pics, she told me that she only had a few, but had some really sexy ideas about having many more taken!  Cheri was eager from the start to show off her incredible busty figure and instead of being intimidated by my approach she saw it as a blessing because she had been looking for someone to take such sexy pics of this sensual woman!  When I asked Cheri what she likes sexually, she responded by saying that she's "tried it all" and really likes to give pleasure and gets a real rush out of making a guy climax.  I have had the pleasure of finding out just how sensual this woman is and what an appetite she has for sex!  Cheri is introduced to the member's area with two separate photo shoots at the same time, and I can't wait to add many more sections to her member's area!

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