Age:  34
Weight: 375
Height: 5'2" 
Bra Size: 42 D

Chastity is a shy supersized professional woman who enjoys the attention her large ass creates as much as she can get away with it!  This hot, pear-shaped woman works in an administrative capacity for a large corporation and she took the pics for the fun of it, not taking a cent for modeling.  While she has the high sex drive and she craves attention, she must keep things discreet so that her sexual activities do not interfere with her high paying professional job.  I could not afford to pay this hot sexy woman to model because her present occupation affords her with more luxury than I can manage for myself as your humble host!  This is one of those sensual women who knew me in the years before I created my first site while she was still going to school and I was still screwing around at dead end jobs with the fantasy of being able to photograph such beautiful works of art as Chastity's wide hipped body.  Through the many personal ads I placed upon coming back to my home state, Chastity was able to find me just in time to let me finally capture her sensual bottom heavy frame.  Since seeing her last, Chastity developed some new interests that added a sense of mystery and exploration to her sexuality.  Experience Chastity's cravings and desires along with her as a voyeur in this photographic recollection of the times I am lucky enough to have had with her.  Some photos taken by lovely supersized model Candy Godiva.

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