Candy Godiva

Age: 29
Weight: 375
Height: 5'1"
Measurements: 57-55-72
Bra Size: 48 DD
Email Address in member's area


"I'm a big, hot, sexy woman who loves to get guys so excited that they just can't help themselves!  In this day and age of tv and magazines trying to shape us into what they want, I've learned about the real men out there who want a real woman, not some magazine cut-out version of what someone else thinks is perfect.  The guys I'm attracted to happen to be real men, who know what they want and know how to treat a lady!  It's been a real eye-opening experience modeling and showing off for a web-cam, and all the time I have had the chance to come "out of the closet" and express myself openly and sensually. I am a little more exhibitionistic than some bbw's I've known in the past, but it's just so fun to show off and know that the men who see me think I have a sexy face *and* a mouth-watering body as well! I've gotten creative with some of my photos to show my love for nature and the outdoors, and I will be doing some writing for the site to show I have an intellectual side as well."

Candy is one hell of a hot, sexy woman! I don't expect everyone to have nearly as much curiosity, willingness, or desire to do *half* of the things this incredible super-sized beauty has done!  She has given me a real challenge to create different scenarios and come up with possible ideas for future photo shoots, and I'm up for the challenge because I'm just amazed to have had the luck to find such a jewel of a woman out in the "middle of nowhere".  She's a nice ride from the city but well worth the effort to snatch up and bring to my place for some hot pics, webcam shows, and shooting a video now and then.  Some of the things that she's experimented with will definitely seem a bit extreme to some but arousing and stimulating to others. She has taken "pee pics" and did a golden shower "mini video" that is in the member's area. She has also expressed a real interest in spanking pics and videos, as well as squirting while using a large sized dildo.  There are quite a bit of good old "action" pics too, and even a conscious effort to find ways to spice up the oral pics so they all don't look the same! There was a really hot and sexy shower shoot, as well as a series of outdoor flashing that took place in a beautiful, scenic area. With so many pics of someone who has never previously modeled, I am grateful to have found this woman at the time that I did!  This woman is an inspiration to me because she had the fantasy of being "immortalized" on the web, and the sensuality to want it to center around plus sized erotica. She's only limited by what I can make happen, and the things that become opportunity surprise me at times!  Her appreciated presence goes beyond simply "being a model", as this is her fantasy as much as it is mine, so that makes her material intense. There are 16 main galleries within her part of the member's area, and a grand total of 1206 high quality images when I did an inventory on 8.4.02.  There are 25 mini movies using real player format (i hate it too but it's *small* man!). She definitely takes up a majority of my space at the moment but every kb is sooooo worth it!!! This sexy super sized woman with the sensuality *and* the body was a real turn on just to be around, and she makes it a point to attend regular bbw/fa get togethers in the area.  She also loves talking on the phone through keen with her phone sex listing, and whenever she can have a regular dedicated phone she's on it! I'm really amazed to have had the fortune of finding someone so sexy who loves to show off so much! She wants to get into some pro stuff because she has some pretty heavy fantasies, and I want to explore every step of her erotic adventures and document them for her fans *and* for her at her request!


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