Age:  39
Weight: 225
Height: 5'2" 
Bra Size: 44DD

Amber has a desire and appreciation for sex that a guy can really get into!  This is a lovely woman that has a profile on yahoo that is so sexy Candy found her and showed it to me!  From that point on, there was a serious desire on my part to get hooked up with this sexy woman and get the chance to capture the already sexy look I saw in her profile pic and bring out other aspects of it that had not been touched upon in her "earliest work"!  Upon having the pleasure of meeting and photographing this woman, there was a realization that she has reached a point of self discovery and self fulfillment that gets across her ability to *be* sexy as well as look sexy.  This brave, daring bbw has hung out at local swinger clubs in and around the New Orleans area, and there are nights where she talks about "getting the party started" by performing oral on a hung, 10" stud right in the bar to set the mood and have others explore there own sexuality without inhibition or restraint.  This woman expresses an ability to see that sex is sex and bbw or not, a woman has to know her own potential to arouse and excite to become sexier on the *inside*!  The stories that this woman tells of her escapades in a local swinger club makes me want to grab Candy and join just to let them in on the sight of some "supersized action" that they might never have had the pleasure to view yet.  Better yet, come up with those t-shirts to strip out of with the url of this site and Candy's site in the process! It was such a pleasure to meet and work with this woman, I can't wait for an opportunity to do updates in the near future with her! 

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