Age: 43
Weight: 275 lbs.
Height: 5'4"
Bust: 48 D

This is one hot, sexy, voluptuous country gal!  The most comfortable way that this lovely bbw enjoys haning around the house is in a tight fitting tank top with nothing on underneath it!  Working from home has it's advantages, and being more comfortable wearing less is something that makes this lovely bbw quite a pleasure to catch at home taking on some really sexy poses for the members of!  This lovely woman has been curious about how her pics would be received, and when the stats are added there will be a special email address created by lovely Amanda for the purpose of hearing from those who enjoy her pics!  For now, the opportunity to show of some amazing pics that I've had the pleasure to create was just too urgent within me to contain while waiting on the details!  The moment that this lovely woman decided she wanted to take some pics and show off her sexy body to the guys who appreciate her look, I was prepared to do just that!  Taking a 2 hour drive from the humble yet comfortable surroundings of the previously featured apartment, I was able to capture images of this lovely woman right at her present home, with some familiar backgrounds, like a fireplace for example!  Oh no, another fireplace!!! Really though this one is different, and there are a few other locations at this house that I want to show off her lovely presence some time in the very near future!

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